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Santo Domingo tour punta cana

Discover Santo Domingo, the first city in the Americas. Travel through its most important streets and avenues. all of which lead to ancient buildings and monuments of a valuable cultural heritage in a modern city. A sense of pomp and circumstance surpasses his whole being as we pass through the first university established in the New World.

A delicious typical lunch, a fascinating culinary experience. Indulge yourself with a burst of ambrosia enjoying its flavors. Visit the oldest colonial city, built in the 15th century, and search the first colonial-era residences. We will stop at a large shopping plaza. Upon entering the city of Santo Domingo, through the streets of this metropolis aboard comfortable. buses. seeing the most notable attractions of a modern city.

French neoclassical design properties.

Meeting of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD). Visit the Palace of Fine Arts, the sublimity of this architectural masterpiece leaves visitors overwhelmed.

Check out Eduardo Brito National Theater, witness to most of the country’s great cultural movements and theatrical acts. Its walls safeguard imposing sculptures of important figures part of the cultural heritage of the country, the Mexican playwright Juan Ruiz de Alarcón and the Spanish writer Lope de Vega is the main one.

The gloomy National Palace is exemplified by its formal. A well-crafted balance and historical commemorations. An eclectic work of art from a subliminal stylistic perspective. A masterpiece that highlights the cultural heritage of the Caribbean, the reflection of a historical and political past inherited from European ancestors of the island.

An elegant gemstone shield bearing the symbol of the Dominican Republic.

A walk through the Alcazar of Columbus intoxicates the visitor at the time of the first Spanish conquerors. The only pedestrian street known as Atarazanas was the first commercial street in the Americas.

Go around the outer edge of the wall of the Admiral’s Battery. A cat walking text path overlooking the Ozama River. Upon our return to Punta Cana, we will stop at Plaza de Colón, in La Romana. Take the opportunity to make some last minute purchases for memories and to relax.

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